How much to settle for in a bike accident?

How much to settle for in a bike accident?
How much to settle for in a bike accident?

Brief History of Bikes

Bicycles, although introduced centuries before motor cars, went obsolete when the latter was incorporated into the mainstream. A social stigma started to be associated with anybody who drove bikes instead of cars as it was seen as him being destitute. As times progressed and with them, the thinking of the people, bikes were revived and seen as a healthy activity and sport. Especially considering how good they are to our environment as compared to cars.

The Dangers of Bike Riding

The lack of driving etiquette in the general populace is no secret and proves a formidable hindrance for bike riders on a daily basis. There are thousands of bike accidents each year in the US, mostly resulting in injuries but some, unfortunately, prove fatal. Unlike Northern Europe, the road is not segregated for bike riders and so they’re at risk every time they’re on the main roads. If you are a regular bike rider, you should always be wary of your surroundings and be prepared for the worst. 

Bike Law

It is worthy of note that according to the law if you are in a bike accident and it was not your fault then you are owed compensation for your troubles. If you’re the victim of a bike accident, do the following:
  • Regain your orientation, if possible, and immediately note down the license plate number of the car in case he tries to flee and it turns into a hit and runs. 
  • Call for medical help as soon as possible. 
  • Avoid arguments with the driver and keep your calm if he sticks around. 
  • Call a personal injury lawyer specializing in biking accidents. 

Find and consult with a bike accident lawyer in your area beforehand, if you’re a regular bike rider. So that in the case that you’re in an accident, you would have immediate contact with them instead of searching for them then. It is, of course, always better to prepare for the worst. 

How Bike Accident Settlement Cases Work

Once you’re in touch with legal counsel, the proceedings for legal action begin. The bike accident attorney will handle most of the legal jargon. It is, however, worthwhile to note what to expect from the settlement. The compensation you’re owed will be calculated in court by damages incurred. There are two types of damages in such cases.
  • Economic Damages: Calculations of these is pretty straightforward. First comes the damages incurred to your bike and their repair costs. Then comes your medical bills and the amount spent on them. The last one is optional; It’s only applicable if you missed out on any amount that you could have potentially earned but missed out on as a direct result of the accident.
  • Non-Economic Damages: Contrary to Economic Damages, these are hard to assess. For example, the lasting psychological effects of the accident on the victim. Or the lack of functionality that will impair your earning in case of permanent injury.

As a last note, you should not dismiss bike accidents as minor and look for legal action and possible settlement money. The average settlement of bike accidents in the US is $560,000 which is no less than a fortune! 

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