What kind of lawyer do I need for a construction accident in New York?

What kind of lawyer do I need for a construction accident in New York?
What kind of lawyer do I need for a construction accident in New York?

Construction site accidents are not unheard of for New Yorkers. Indeed, numerous workers sustain injuries in construction-related accidents each year, with many of these injuries proving to be fatal. Nearly one in five fatal accidents occurred in construction sites in 2015, with 5500 workers incurring injuries and missing work in New York. Despite this, workers turn up for work every day, knowing the risks involved on-site.

However, while the commitment to the job is commendable, it does not imply that these workers do not have any rights. New Yorkers need to be aware that in case a construction worker sustains an injury on-site or if someone succumbs to death due to these injuries, the person or his family has the right to approach New York construction injury lawyer.

What to look for in construction accident lawyer New York?

Many New Yorkers do not have knowledge of laws regarding construction accidents and thus do not know when to approach a lawyer. The first thing that you need to do when you are involved in a construction accident is to find a lawyer who has dealt with such cases before. It is not difficult to find a construction accident lawyer in New York City. However, you need to ensure that you opt for someone competent and experienced so that he can guide you in the right direction.

There are various instances wherein a construction accident lawyer New York can help you out. For example, it is quite common for workers to fall from cranes, ladders, or roofs on construction sites. Such accidents also give the worker a right to seek compensation. A New York construction injury lawyer would also be able to help you out in case you are involved in struck-by accidents or sustain injuries due to falling objects. Confined space accidents are another area where you can look for compensation.

A lot of workers tend to be confused as to when is the right time to get a construction accident lawyer on board. In such cases, if you have been in an accident, look for a New York construction injury lawyer who would be willing to give you a free consultation. You can seek his advice regarding whether you have a strong case or not.

Let the law help you out

New Yorkers need to be better aware of labor laws. Employers and contractors are obligated to educate the employees regarding the proper way to work on-site and take all the necessary precautions for their safety. In case they fail to do so, they are accountable. 

The thing is, when a worker sustains an injury, he ends up missing work for several days, which prevents him from earning. Furthermore, he is also required to ear medical expenses. This is why one needs to approach a construction accident Lawyer in New York to ensure that they are able to handle things financially in such times. This might make the situation somewhat bearable.

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