Debt collection and litigation in Israel


Debt collection and litigation in Israel

Creditors often need help in recovering debts from the individual or private clients. collecting debt in Israel is not a simple process. One has to use many mechanisms to pressurize clients/individuals into giving their debts. Sometimes, a phone call with a debtor, alongside your debt collection and litigation lawyer can produce positive results. Other times, you have to take the matter to an Israeli court. Regardless of the situation, there are some things you should know about debt collection and litigation in Israel.

Debt collection in Israel- consulting a debt collection attorney

The most common reason for debt creation in Israel is a check that was not released or honored by an Israeli bank. Israel residents use checks daily.

As far as the laws are concerned, checks are equivalent to cash in every country. However, Israel banks often return checks due to a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons are:

·         The issuer instructed to cancel the check

·         No sufficient balance in the bank account

However, any check honored can be easily presented for debt collection to LECA (Israel Law Enforcement and Collection Authority).

Sometimes, you possess a document that can lead you to retrieve a debt with the help of a debt collection and litigation attorney. While one such document is a receipt, the other is a promissory note.

Otherwise, any document that indicates a specific amount of money that has to be paid can serve as a legal note. However, all the legal documents indicate a debt must have a precise amount of money that has to be paid. Moreover, the terms and conditions should be laid out in the document. Otherwise, it becomes hard for the debt collection lawyer to proceed.

If you possess any document indicating debt, you can initiate legal proceedings through LECA, with the help of a debt collection attorney.

Although, you might be on the winning side and think of it as a small matter where you would get your money immediately that’s not the case. Even after losing the lawsuit, the debtor might avoid paying back the debt. If this is the case, then you must leave the legal decision in the hands of LECA. Under any circumstances, retrieving money becomes their responsibility.

Retrieval of debts through telephone calls

Debts can also be retrieved through a simple phone call between the debtor and the retriever with the help of a debt attorney. Whether the debt is in the form of a promissory note, a check, or any other legal document, that has not had a court verdict, the initial step is to talk to a debtor through a call.

Most of the debts are settled through a phone call and the chances are rather high. However, this does not mean that the mortgagor will immediately return the owed amount.

A debt collection lawyer can arrive at a mutual agreement with the debtor and the retriever regarding the procedure. These decisions are finalized through writing. If the agreement, is somehow violated, then the retriever is free to report the case to LECA where the debtor has to face the legal consequences.

Communication with debtor through debt collection and litigation lawyers

To resolve the situation without reporting to LECA, the debtor is given a warning letter by the retriever’s debt lawyer. An experienced debt collection lawyer works on your behalf, ask the debtor to return the debt quickly- before the retriever files a lawsuit.

If the debtor is hesitant in not giving back the money owed, you should consult the best debt collection attorney in Israel and proceed legally.


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