Probate service in Israel


Probate service in Israel

What is probate for a will?

A probate order for will is granted by the registrar’s office or a religious court in Israel. It confers the legal validity of a will, followed by the death of the will drafter. The people applying for probate order can be among the heirs as well as any other person interested in the execution of the will (such as siblings, spouse or parents). The application for probate order is published in a public newspaper and includes submitting objections for obtaining the probate order through the registrar’s office.

If the deceased person’s will, relates to some part of his property or assets, it will only be valid to the property and assets mentioned. The remaining estate property and assets will be distributed according to the law governing inheritance. The distribution by the state of Israel will be carried out through the Law of Succession.

There’s no prescription period after obtaining a probate order because it is the same as getting a judgment by the court. Moreover, a probate order can be applied for, and obtained at any time. All you have to do is go to the registrar’s office, apply for it, and get it through the computerized database.

Will of a deceased person who had property in Israel but was not a resident

You can also claim the inheritance of a deceased person who did not live in Israel. However, the following documents must be attached before submitting your Probate order application:

·         Any kind of foreign document with an apostille seal

·         Expert foreign opinion by the deceased person’s living country

·         Will probate order- Form of judgment for the judge’s signature

·         Abstract of Land registration Title

·         A full Hebrew translation copy of all the documents (except for documents in Arabic or English)

How can an inheritance lawyer help you obtain a probate service in Israel?

Inheritance lawyers in Israel advise and educate their clients on their obligations as well as rights established by the will, inheritance law, and power of attorney documents. Here is how an inheritance lawyer can help you:

Notifying creditors and beneficiaries as per the Law of succession in Israel

Inheritance lawyers administer the estate by identifying all the beneficiaries and creditors. The probate order requires evidence of notices sent to all the creditors. Therefore, a lawyer helps you prepare and send notices of will execution to all the parties involved in a will.

Distributing and marshaling estate assets

Probate lawyers administer all sorts of Israeli estate by aiding the clients with inventorying and accounting the estate valuations, assets. They also help with distributing and marshaling all the assets among the heirs.

Filing Israeli trust and probate petitions

Inheritance lawyers prepare and file petitions to amend trust provisions, replace trustees, compel the trustee to act, construct the meaning of various trust provisions, and terminate trust agreements prematurely.

Lawyers provide inheritance and trust administration services

Lawyers in Israel assist with the distribution and assessment of all the trust assets alongside handling complicated trust administration matters including financial abuse claims, no-contest clause litigation, litigation to obtain property, wrongful exclusion from the trust, etc.

Contact a professional probate lawyer in Israel today

Israeli probate lawyers assist their clients at every stage of probate, estate administration, and succession process. They are well-versed in navigating clients through complex probate procedures and inheritance laws of Israel.


In addition to that, probateand succession lawyers in Israel also represent international clients who do not live in Israel but have assets and estate property to claim in Israel. If you are an international heir, you need legal help to sort out all inheritance matters and get your fair share in the passed-down property.



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