How to report money laundering to attorney general in NYC?


How to report money laundering to attorney general in NYC?

Money laundering is a serious offense that a person can do. It is important to stay away from money laundering activities all times. However, you might come across situations where you will notice someone being engaged with money laundering. This is where you should have a clear understanding on how to report money laundering to attorney general in NYC?

What exactly is money laundering.

Before you understand how to report money laundering to attorney general in NYC, you should be aware of what money laundering is all about. Money laundering refers to the financial transactions, where money that a person knowns or should know is gained by a criminal activity. This is the basic definition that a person can give to money laundering. However, there can be many other definitions that you can provide to money laundering as well.

For example, international money laundering is the process, where you will be moving money across the borders of the United States, with the objective of committing a crime. The defendant understand that money is associated with some sort of criminal activity. However, the main purpose on why such an international transaction takes place is to hide information with related to money and its source, location, and people who are associated with it.

No matter how a person is engaging with money laundering, it is considered as a serious offense in front of the law. Hence, you should go ahead and report money laundering to attorney general in NYC.

How to report money laundering to the attorney general in NYC?

Law enforcement authorities are taking proactive action against money laundering incidents. As soon as you spot a money laundering case, you will need to proceed with reporting it. Even though you are not gaining any benefit out of the complaint, you should think about something that you do as a part of your social responsibility. That’s because the report or complaint you do will be able to ensure public betterment. On top of that, it will result in the creation of a fair marketplace as well.

There is an informal dispute resolution program initiated by the bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection. You will be able to raise your complaint through this program against any business or merchant that is engaged with money laundering. The Attorney General’s Office is working with their best interest in order to help the people who submit their complaints against money laundering.

If you want to raise the complaint in a better way, it is better if you can get in touch with an anti-money laundering lawyer. These lawyers have a strong understanding about the money laundering law, and how complaints should be escalated. By following the directions of the lawyer, it is possible for you to proceed with escalating the case. This will help you to end up with getting the best returns at the end of the day. In fact, the lawyer will help you to make your complaint solid, and make sure that it is being heard.

What are the criminal penalties for Money Laundering

As you go ahead with reporting Money Laundering to attorney general in NYC, it is worthy to understand the criminal penalties that are associated with money laundering as well. The criminal penalties will be given for the people who engage with money laundering according to the federal sentencing guidelines. For example, all the people who are convicted for money laundering will have to face a jail time. In fact, individual defendants will have to face a longer jail time when compared to others. In most instances, the corporate defendants will have to pay substantial fines. They can be high as over $1 million. This clearly shows how serious money laundering is in the form of an offense.

There are numerous factors that are being used in order to determine the penalties that are given for Money Laundering In fact, you will be able to see how these factors are carefully evaluated to determine the base offense level and the specific offenses that the people are committing.

The base offense levels associated with Money Laundering would usually require a higher ranging money laundering, in between 17 and 23. On the other hand, base offense level of 23 would usually require the convict to go through an incarceration period, which would last for a duration of around 46 to 57 months.

There can be specific increases in the offense level that people have to face due to Money Laundering. However, the offense would vary depending on the fat how well the convict knew about the source of money. In case if the convict knew that laundered money were associated with illicit drug trafficking, he/she will have to face more serious penalties. Likewise, the penalties will be increased. For example, in such a case, the base penalty level will be increased by three different levels.

In case if the total amount of money laundered is more than $100,00, the base level offense will further increase. For example, if a person is convicted for a money laundering case where $1 million was involved, the base offense will be increased by different levels. In case if the amount of laundered money was over $100 million, the base offense will increase by 13 levels. You can get a better understanding about this from the anti-money laundering lawyer that you are working with. Once you provide the basic information, you will be provided with all the specific pieces of information that you will need to know.

Final words

As you can see, money laundering is treated as a complex crime in the country. Due to the same reason, you should never think about engaging with money laundering. In case if you come across any person or merchant who is engaged with money laundering, you will need to report that immediately. This is something that you should do as a responsible citizen to ensure the betterment of the community that you live.

It is a good idea to get the help of an anti-money laundering lawyer as you raise the dispute. Then you will be provided with legal backing to complaint against the case. As you read in this article, the laws with related to money laundering can be complex. Hence, you should navigate through them with the assistance offered by an experienced and competent counsel. This will provide you the opportunity to stay away from numerous struggling situations that you may come across in the future as you complaint against a money laundering case.


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