Jones Act Lawyer


Jones Act Lawyer

If you are hurt in a maritime accident, you should have a clear understanding about the Jones Act. That’s because Jones act would come into play and ensure your support after a maritime accident. However, understanding Jones act can be complex. This is why you should get the help of the best Jones Act Lawyer out there and seek assistance.

What exactly is Jones Act?

When you are working around seafaring vessels, boats, or on water, you will be having a dangerous work environment around you. We can see how a large number of seamen are getting injured due to accidents that are taking place on water. This will not just lead them to medical issues, btu can also make them suffer financially. The Jones Law is there to provide assistance to all those people and ensure that they don’t have to go through any major negative consequences.

The Jones Act was implemented back in the year 1920. This is a federal law, which is providing protection to the seamen. On the other hand, it is also regulating the maritime domestic commerce that takes place in domestic waters and around the ports located in the United States. If you encounter an accident while you were on a boat or on any other activity that you carried out on water, you should make sure that you are seeking the assistance of a Jones Act Lawyer. Then you will be provided with all information on what you should do next. By adhering to those steps, you can easily overcome the challenges that you have to face.

What should you do after a boat accident?

The world is seeing enhanced dependence on insurance which has been in existence for many decades but with traffic increasing on our roads, airspaces, the rivers and oceans the need to protect life and property has become necessary and mandatory with the requisite to cover practically everything with adequate and appropriate insurance.

-          Protect through Insurance

Protecting yourself, your business, property and even others with whom you would have direct or indirect dealings with Insurance where you could be made liable is now a mandatory requirement legislated in many countries.

-          Insurance for boats

Like any other vehicle wherever it may ply boats are also required to be Insured, before they could be given the required licenses to ply either the rivers, lakes, or oceans and this is mandatory and legislated internationally.

-          A boat in an accident

Accidents happen and they come without any prior warning and being prepared for it with adequate Insurance would be in your better interests and if you have not taken the mandatory Insurance you could be in severe trouble with the relevant authorities and could even face long incarceration if you are found to have been guilty of default.

If you have complied with all the requirements and still find your boat in an accident you would need to contact a maritime lawyer to ensure that your interests and that of your property are well represented because such accidents generally end up in a Court of Law.

-          Litigation

Litigation would be inevitable either from the authorities or from other companies who would have lost their property due to your accident or even loss of life in which case depending on the gravity and extent of damage and loss there would be some legal implications to comply and encounter with and there is no better way to get about it than retaining a good maritime lawyer to place your facts before a Court of Law and defend you.

Maritime lawyers have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to delve into many legal aspects and ensure that you receive a fair hearing in a Court of law and that your interests in the matter are well presented before the Court so that you are safeguarded from any adverse situations which otherwise you would have had to face. Make sure that you hire the most experienced Jones Act Lawyer to go through this process. Then you can receive outstanding results, without having to deal with any major challenges on your own. You will fall in love with the level of support that you can receive to overcome the challenges.

-          Placing all facts

Once you have retained a maritime lawyer it is imperative that you place before them all the relevant information, documentation, and other relevant issues before them for proper scrutiny and further action. At no point should you hide any details from them even if it could be detrimental to your interests because they are acting on your behalf hence they would need to know everything without any details being left out.

-          Defense

The maritime lawyer would prepare your defense once they have all the information before them and if they needed anything they would request for same, but it is your prerogative to ensure that. A good defense strategy could save you many troubles and selecting the best maritime lawyer is your responsibility.  

Understanding your rights under the Jones Act

Now you are aware about the steps that you should follow to minimize your suffering under the Jones Act. In the meantime, you should have a strong understanding about all the rights that you have under the Jones Act as well. Then you will know what you are getting, and it will help you to work along with your lawyer without encountering any major challenges.

People who are working on the land are entitled to receive workers compensation benefits. However, this is not available for the seamen out there. In case if you had to deal with any injuries due to the nature of your job, you will need to work according to the Jones Act. This is the main reason on why you should hire a specialized Jones Act lawyer.

As per the Jones Act, you will be provided the chance to cover up all the losses that you experience as a result of a boat accident. For example, you can overcome the expenses associated with medical care, and physical and emotional pain. If you lost your income due to the accident, you could get that covered up as well. on top of that, Jones Act is providing all the support that you need to overcome the challenges that you face due to the loss of quality life.

While keeping this in mind, start looking for the best Jones Act attorney out there. If you are a seaman, you will need to keep that in mind and proceed with your activities.

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