Best Criminal Lawyer In Dallas

Best Criminal Lawyer In Dallas
Best Criminal Lawyer In Dallas

Got involved in a crime? Whether it is drug possession, burglary, sexual assault or any other criminal offense, a criminal lawyer in Dallas would not let you go through this havoc and legal proceedings alone.

Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Dallas 

An experienced and well-versed criminal attorney in Dallas can provide legal assistance at each stage of a felony charge or a criminal misdemeanor. No matter how big or small a crime is, Texas laws show zero tolerance to the criminals. That is why, you would need a criminal lawyer who knows best about Dallas, Texas laws and criminal courts.
But how can you identify an experienced criminal attorney? Simple. By his knowledge and expertise in understanding Texas’s criminal laws and your criminal charge. Even if you have been convicted wrongfully, you need a criminal lawyer to get you out of this situation.

Dallas Felonies

In Dallas, Texas, the felonies are divided under 5 categories. They are: class I, class II, class III, capital and jail felonies. If you have been involved in a crime in Dallas, the crime would fall into one of these categories and the charges, circumstances, and severity of a crime would be based upon the category, the history of the person and the crime convicted.

Capital Felonies 

Capital felonies are the most critical type of charge or punishment. Punishment for a capital felony is either death or life-time prison and that too, without parole. An example of a capital felony is murder.

Class I Felonies 

First-degree punishment means imprisonment or incarceration for a minimum of 5 years to 99 years. An example of a class I felony is sexually assaulting a child. The convicted person might also have to pay a fine of fewer than 10,000 USD.

Class II Felonies 

Class II felonies are punishment for the criminals. They are incarcerated for a minimum of 2 years to 20 years. An example of this felony is causing an injury to a family member.

Class III Felonies 

Class III felonies require the criminals to be incarcerated for 2 years to 10 years in prison. An example of such a felony is the possession of 50 pounds of marijuana.

State Jail Felony 

State jail felonies require the criminal to stay in jail for 180 days to 2 years. This felony is usually stated when the prosecutor fails to categorize a crime.

Choosing the Best Criminal Lawyer in Dallas For Your Case

If you have been convicted wrongfully, you need to hire a criminal lawyer to prove you innocent. If a crime happens, the last decision by the jury depends on evidence and witnesses. There might be investigations before your court proceedings.
Dealing with legal processes and bring clueless most of the time is the last thing anyone wants if one is charged with a crime that he/she did not commit.
Hiring a lawyer who has handled criminal cases before, knows how to negotiate and settle things down is the best option you could go with, given you could end up in prison for no reason.

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