Can You Sue A Lawyer For Negligence?

Can You Sue A Lawyer For Negligence?
Can You Sue A Lawyer For Negligence

When you reach a point where you have to turn to a lawyer for help, it is because the issue at work, at home, neighborhood or with your family has gotten too intense and complex to handle or resolve by yourself.
We always regard lawyers as the epitome or embodiment of bringing justice but what should you do if an attorney makes your case or family matters more difficult for you? if an attorney has messed up your case, you should consider to sue him for malpractice and negligence in your case.

Proving A Lawyer’s Negligence Is Not Easy 

If a lawyer has made errors in your case, you have full right to sue him for malpractice. However, it is very hard to fight against a lawyer or to win a lawyer suing case. Malpractice or negligence from a lawyer usually means that the lawyer had no interest or expertise in solving your case and did not understand your case’s circumstances. You must know that you cannot sue a lawyer just because he lost your case.

How Can You Sue A Lawyer for Negligence?

To prove a lawyer guilty of malpractice, you must prove to the jury 4 basic things:

  • You suffered huge financial losses at the end.
  • The lawyer’s conduct hurt you financially.
  • The lawyer was negligible enough to breach his or her duty. He did not work as he agreed to.
  • The lawyer owed you a promise to practice properly, without making errors. 

When Is A Bad Job Considered as Malpractice?

Here are some scenarios in which you can come forward and sue your lawyer for negligence and carelessness in handling your case:

Lawyer Stops Working on Your Case Without Prior Notice

If your lawyer is ignoring you, canceling meetings, not picking up your call, it is considered as an act of negligence. However, you must report the lawyer quickly and get another lawyer. But first, it is better to express your concerns to him.

Your Lawyer Did No Work

When a lawyer mishandles your case or does not work as he should, you could get your case thrown out by the jury. Had the lawyer worked carefully, you could have gotten a judgment in your favor. If you are successful in suing your lawyer, you can get your money or lawyer fee back.

The Lawyer Closes the Case Without Your Authorization

If a client does not agree to the settlement, a lawyer has no right to close or settle down the case. This is malpractice and should be filed as soon as possible. Without the client’s approval, a lawyer cannot make decisions or get the compensation far less than the client has expected.

If the Lawyer Is Socializing with Your Opponent’s Lawyer 

If you see your lawyer being friends with the opponent’s lawyer, there is nothing wrong with it. However, if he slips his tongue and says something that should have remained confidential, then it is a case of rights violation.

Overall Thoughts

Lawyer malpractice is a tough case to handle. However, there are legal malpractice lawyers who help you to sue the lawyer for negligence and financial loss.

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